Friday, November 18, 2005

adult video

Adult's Anxiety Always was one of my favorite albums in 2003. the band was hiding in the detroit underground doing a much better job at what the new york music scene seemed to want to be doing that year. being a pop person it's rare that an album like that could win my affections, but the mood that the album captured just worked for me that hectic year. soon after the news got out that the band had signed with thrill jockey, i was a bit surprised. not just because the band was famously diy-minded, running their own label, but the matching conflicted with the fact i was like the only person in college radio not in love with thrill jockey, which i always said was for indierock guys who discovered jazz. further dismay kicked in when i wasn't immediately taken with the EP that marked their first release with label. i knew they were coming through denver in november and wasn't as excited as i once would have been. and then i saw this video for "In My Nerves," which brought me around and in line to pick up the new full length, Gimmie Trouble. the album is not as electronically minded as their previous work and in fact illicits a voiced marriage of punk and paranoia that you wouldn't get from most souless electronic acts. it's grown on me to say the least. you can listen to the new album and search remaining tour dates below after you check out the video. [Jason]

Adult - "In My Nerves " (video)


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