Tuesday, November 08, 2005

all apologies

Hello everyone! It's been a hellish couple of days to say the least. As you may have read in the comments of the last entry, Jason and I lost the Powerbook (mine!) that was used to publish entries to this fine website using a program called iBlog. Unfortunately I did not back up any of the previous entries or the registration codes for the software! For the time being I'm using an intermediary means to get a few posts up in the coming days before what will probably be a complete redesign/overhaul. Please bare with us.

Since we last spoke Jason has enjoyed a weeks longs vacation from writing while doing, well, I'm not quite sure. I attended a few concerts: NIN (ridiculously amusing), QOTSA (made me want to drink beer and eat nachos) and DFA1979 (to be experienced!) at Madison Square Garden as well as Dios (Malos), Miguel Mendez and the superb Say Hi to Your Mom this past Friday night at Mercury Lounge. I was mistaken for the lead singer for Dios Malos (I'm cuter) and got to tell a dead baby joke during SH2YM's set. (Josh)

Here's some music to keep you satiated this week:

Jarvis Cocker "This Is the Night" from forthcoming Harry Potter film (get excited)

Dios (Malos) "You Got Me All Wrong"

Ringside "Struggle" (featuring everyone's favorite Lord of the Flies, Bathazar Getty- I heard it in a car commercial during Alias- so shoot me!)

Tom McRae "A Day Like Today" (since we're into songs from car commercials. also Tom is really good stuff.)


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