Tuesday, November 15, 2005

at last

welcome back from the longer than expected hiatus begotten by computer problems. i knew all this mac dependability b.s. wasn't for reals. granted i myself had to replace my pc the same week my brothers powerbook went boom. i gather that purchase may limit my record buying for awhile. i can't say there's anything forthcoming and immediately recognizable that excites me anyhow. in fact, today i'm posting tracks from the two remaining artists whose albums i've anticipated in the o-five.

Edith Frost has been on quite a lengthy hiatus (though to her credit, she's been an active blogger, providing a number of downloadable demos to fans). It's A Game is the new album out on Drag City this week. fans, including myself, are quite excited to find that the album is closer to her earlier work. while i was quite taken with the poppier Wonder Wonder some four years ago, it was Calling Over Time and the eps that preceded it that had long ago won me over (in fact i copped a few lines from that album for an creative
writing course in college).

Edith Frost - "Lovin' You Goodbye "

new york's The Mendoza Line will always be a sentimental favorite of mine. i worked on their first several albums and would frequently hear about the personal dramas of the band. hearing those things played out through song really stood as the embodiment of the notion that people sometimes love drama for the sake of drama. i had relocated to brooklyn a few years back, where i was able to see the band live in what locally had been dubbed one the poorer live performances, but with a hefty amount of suspicion as to whether it was intentional. the songwriting would often reflect an over-contemplative look at heartbreak marked by a chorus so overwrought and tongue-in-cheek you had to love it. the Mendoza Line, for me, have been the soundtrack to having good time at fucking up a lot. the new album, out on Misra next week, is Full of Light and Full of Fire. [Jason]

the Mendoza Line - "Catching a Collapsing Star "


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