Monday, November 28, 2005

the best of jens

for those not already familiar with Jens Lekman, last weeks release of Oh You're So Silent Jens provides an excellent introductory that collects a number of singles and eps from '03-'04 (and while the eps have been previously released on Secretly Canadian, this collection includes tracks from the swedish releases not on those). i've always described Jens Lekman to people as "a less pretentious Magnetic Fields" in the chamber pop meets indie pop way and i gather i'll still stand by that description. comparatively the fault in the comparison is that Lekmans delivery is charming, but never attempts to be so by being overtly melancholic or ironic. the other thing i want to note is that it's available as a double lp. i loved the idea of the double lp when i used to buy lots of vinyl. truth be told, those days are mostly over as this was only the third ablum i bought this year that will rest on my technics. such has been the impact of digitalizing music and i guess i'm only contributing to that at this point... [Jason]

Jens Lekman - "Black Cab "


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