Thursday, November 17, 2005

cobra la

Going back to 1997 when I lived in London, Rough Trade Shops has always been a source for exciting and emerging music. In recent years they've also started releasing some wonderful compilations, some summing up the years best songs and musicians and other more historical sets reflecting on the history of specific genres. Most any of them are worth picking up. Rough Trade's success with these releases has led them to create a wonderful little label with the likes of Adam Green and others. Anyway, I was digitizing their Best of 2004 disc the other day and came across a band called Cobra Killer and liked it a lot. Some research at the always helpful turned up a bio for me. Seems they were once part of the DHC (Digital Hardcore) scene over in Germany but have now revamped themselves much in the vein of the Cramps. I just picked up the album on iTunes. check it out for yourself: [Josh]

Cobra Killer- "LA Shaker "


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