Wednesday, November 23, 2005

mad eye'd and moody

today we're looking at a record, entitled Bitter Hands Resign, that i've had since the spring and didn't start listening to until recently. it's been on my playlist nonestop since i invested some time with it. A Northern Chorus are from ontario, canada and would fit right at home with that eighties alternative genre (perhaps too generically called) dream pop. they're on the Sonic Unyon label that i'll always associate with a number of underrated indierock delights from my college days. it's beautifully moody atmospheric rock thats more sigur ros than explosions in the sky, especially given the soft vocals that sound like something you'd expect from overseas rather just north of the states. i can say it's been incredible "can't fall asleep so you turn on the stereo low" music. [Jason]

A Northern Chorus - "Subject Matters"


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