Tuesday, November 22, 2005

magic show

while most formal reviews i've read regarding the Magic Numbers have added up to an opinion that suggests mediocrity, i have yet to find a friend who hasn't really been into their album this year. instead of marking it derivative sixties folk pop redux or tame hookless pop (two accusations i read multiple times), it's become the thing of 2005 mix tapes. i've tapped them for todays live track and have gone so far as to pick a track frequently singled out as their self-debut's biggest offender despite being one of my favorites on the album. i laugh at these people calling it too simplistic and thus uninspiring. i hardly think music consumers as a whole have become that snobby that they are requiring something more challenging and intricate than a harmony-driven pop song with lyrics anyone can grasp. there used to be a time where it could be suggested that muscians didn't have an understanding of their audience. well, i believe that role is now held for the music critic. [Jason]

the Magic Numbers - "Love is Just a Game " (live)


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