Tuesday, November 29, 2005

we're not in the hall of fame, but we covered one of their songs once

i thought i'd briefly touch off on the announced rock and roll hall of fame inductees. call it ignorance, but i've never been into Sabbath, the Sex Pistols or *gasp* the entire genre of jazz let alone Miles Davis. i know, i'm a horrible person. i love me some Blondie though. blame it on the radio. they were just one of those bands that multiple formated radio stations on the east coast just loved to play, fostering a familiarity even though the band had stopped producing noteworthy music by the time i entered kindergartren. the only thing more disappointing than the groups 1999 reunion album may have been 2001's Blondie tribute album. certainly the idea of such a tribute to be released on Sympathy for the Record Industry perked a few ears, but the line-up proved to be weak despite the labels flourishing of talent years prior. but because everyones heard Blondie do Blondie, i dusted off the album for your indulgement. this Come Ons (post Gore Gore Girls project) wasn't all too bad. [Jason]

The Come Ons - "Rip Her to Shreds"


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