Monday, November 21, 2005

yeah, well we are trees

the latest in a line of bands to move to new york only to make it big in the u.k., i present to you We Are Scientists. the group has been on tour with both Editors and Hot Hot Heat this year and such extensive touring has been building up a good deal of attention leading into their debit full-length, which is due out in january (released overseas last month). it should be interesting to see where it goes. they will have the major label backing and they currently have the internet buzz thing going right now. the tunes are catchy as hell. josh was actually able to catch them with Bishop Allen and might be able to toss together a few other observations ["I managed to arrive early enough to hear another band, We Are Scientists, who played some insanely catchy and fast-paced pop-rock. They were an excellent bonus treat. Nice guys too." josh, 12/19/04] the following tune was procurred by josh when the band was still just self recording and distributing eps freely at shows. it's the type of song i can probably guess without looking was an nme single at one point this year. [Jason]

We Are Scientists - "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt "

also, my favorite part of their website


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