Monday, December 05, 2005

The Best We Have to Offer: MY Favorite Songs from 2005: #41-50

I'm a twentysomething white male who enjoys making lists, especially when it comes to music. You may have seen the movie.

Actually, trying to single out a single is a tough assignment. The prospect of guessing which of these 50 songs will make me nostalgic 10 years from now is nothing short of self-indulgence. Luckily, I'm for indulgence tonight.

This was the first year I used iTunes to compile my favorite songs. I was able to track play count and how many times I had included a particular song on a mix cd as well as move songs up and down the list without the assistance of an eraser. It feels weird. 2005 after-all was the year that I finally digitized most of music collection and moved it all into bins under my bed (too old to show-off I told myself). Now I have a little grey box wired to my computer with over thirteen thousand songs or 30 days worth of music inside. I still miss putting songs on a cassette tape.

The following tracks are arranged in an order that changes on a near daily basis. (I am still the #1 single.)

50. "Without You" Archer Prewitt [The first of many songs from a pile of albums sent to me from Jay this year so many kudos to him. (I guess that's why he does most of the writing.) I couldn't tell you much about most bands. This song is one of the many great tunes on Prewitt's wonderful album Wilderness. It's somber, relaxing and inviting. Perfectly crafted pop.]

49. "California is Waiting" Biirdie [I actually discovered this song while out visting my friend Lisa in Los Angeles and can tell you it's the quintesensial song for someone bumming their way in Los Angeles for a few days.]

48. "Formed a Band" Art Brut [This song was on a freebie comp I received when I ordered The Boy Least Likely Too album from Rough Trade late last year. The rest is history. They recently put on two blistering shows here in New York City

47. "Today Has Been Ok" Emiliana Torrini [The best therapy for a bad day is a good song like this. By now my penchant for personal intimate songs is fully exposed. Someone just told be she was the gal singing the song in the closing credits of The Two Towers film. Pretty cool.]

46. "Blood" Editors[Jay wrote about them earlier this year and I haven't stopped listening since. It's as acidic and bitter sounding as it is dancable.]

45. Angel Mort" Les Breastfeeders [I can't tell you what they're saying but it's incredibly catchy.]

44. "Mornin's Over" Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion [I'm not sure whether to call this country or folk but you can certainly file it under good.]

43. "Bed is For Sleeping" Matt Sweeney and Bonnie Prince Billy [I'll admit I've never listened to Palace and couldn't tell you much about Will Oldham (maybe ask Jay) but the two Bonnie Prince Billy records that have been given to me are both dark and lovely. Everything he sings seems like such a dead reckoning.]

42. "I'll Be Yr Bird" M Ward [You might recall this one from earlier this year when I compiled a faux Cameron Crowe soundtrack.]

41. "I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart" eels [It took me longer than I'd have liked to digest the dual disc effort but this one song stood out immediately.]

(#31-40 Tuesday as well as my impression of the Iron & Wine & Calexico show)


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