Tuesday, December 13, 2005

christmas lights

i broke out the christmas music yesterday for work. today is our quasi xmas party, aka the day my office wraps christmas gifts we bought for charity and i'm left feeling cheap by those few rightious types because i don't have a hundred dollars to buy gifts like they do. i was being badgered to buy a bike for the cause this year. mind you i don't even own a bike myself. furthermore, i'm one of those people that believes that ones time is the most charitable donation and that buying gifts is a cop out for people who don't want to face the ugly things in the world and that it's kinda crazy to believe in order for everyone to celebrate christmas, they must all have bikes and dvd players. anyway. i caved in and bought gift certificates for a bunch of kids to buy cds. i have some music for all of you too and we'll trust that you're also putting aside crazy beliefs and politics and making someone elses holiday better in turn.

today i have selections from the first Kindercore Records christmas album entitled Christmas in Stereo. tommorrow i'll have some tracks from their follow-up holiday collection and bunch more of my favorite christmas music in the days thereafter.

Aden "Silent Night"
Bunnygrunt "I Am Gonna Be Warm this Winter"
the Summer Hymns "Santa Couldn't Fit You Under My Christmas Tree"


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