Thursday, December 15, 2005

crooked fingers @ the larimer lounge 12/14

earlier this year i found myself quite disappointed when Crooked Fingers came to town only to play at a larger venue, offering up an abbreviated set serving as opener to locals DeVotchKa. it was the first night of the tour for Dignity & Shame and the band stuck to the new album. the disappointment came as a result of my liking of Bachman's usual routine. he tends to play denver twice a year which certainly suits me given that i'm a big fan. and he often plays smaller venues that lead to some great crowd interaction. thankfully Crooked Fingers swung through denver for their second jaunt of the year and a return to normalcy was welcomed. CF played the larimer lounge weds. night (this time with the frontman of the aforementioned Devotchka opening). Bachman had recently flown in from guatemala, where his mother lives and where he's been working on material for a soon to be recorded fifth album.

a nearly two hour long set ensued with seven new songs, some even without titles yet, previewed. while a few recalled his earlier efforts, a few were livelier than what we've heard from Crooked Fingers thusfar. the rest of the evening was open to requests, which in turn led to a lively crowd that in appreciation adorned the stage with a pitcher, a bottle of bud, a pint, two cocktails and a shot for Bachman.

to the best of my recollection, the familiar tunes were as follows:

New Drink for the Old Drunk /Juliette / Black Black Ocean / Don't Say A Word / the Rotting Strip / Andalucia / Theres a Blue Light / You Can Never Leave / Red Devil Dawn / You Must Build A Fire / A Little Bleeding

Bachman claimed to hate Red Devil Dawn, but was playing it for the first time in two years because "a cute girl requested it." all in all a fun night and i'm already looking forward to his next visit.

*also, listen to some DeVotchKa as they are one of the city's finest bands.


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