Friday, December 02, 2005

i think ya better call MMJ

i need to buckle down this weekend and prep next weeks best of the year features. one band i like quite a bit and whose name i've seen tossed around on a few best of lists already out is My Morning Jacket. we previewed the record here a few months back and i admittedly never took to it. the groups previous records remain favorites nonetheless and their live show memorable. several years ago i was such a champion the bands debut record on darla records that they found it mindful enough to send me a cd-r containing a pair of live radio performances. such is the source for todays treat, a rare cover tune that eventually found itself on one of the labels quarterly compilations, but i suspect quite a few people might have missed out on that.

My Morning Jacket - "Tyrone" (Eryka Badu cover)


At 3:42 PM, Blogger Satisfied '75 said...

this is a real treat. any chance of Audio 4 Drinking posting on e of the radio shows in it's entirety?


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