Tuesday, December 06, 2005

jasons fine fifty pt. 2

40) "Do the Whirlwind" - Architecture in Helsinki the one night i dj'ed this year i opened up with this. it should have appeased the pop fans at the club and still exist as something you might want to dance to. well at least i was into it.

39) "This Time It Will" - Jeff Hanson destined to have most record reviews focus on his falsetto, it's shame because beneath that voice is the songwriting and talent you know left kill rocks stars rightfully thinking they had their Elliot Smith successor.

38) "How Can I Love You if You Won't Lie Down" - Silver Jews every Silver Jews record has one song so silly and yet so clever and this tune may have unseated "Honk if You're Lonely Tonight" as Berman's best one yet.

37) "Take My Time" - Junior Senior this really deserves to be higher. it's a another great feel-good song from this duo and i can't believe they couldn't find someone to distribute this domestically.

36) "the Saddest Quo" - Pernice Brothers another one of A4D's earliest posts. the pop shimmers and the lyrics are too smart for their own good.

35) "It's All in My Mind" - Teenage Fanclub one of my all-time favorite bands. naturally it would be the norman blake penned tune that opens the album that would be the most memorable.

34) "Tribulations" - LCD Soundsystem while that other song got all the attention early on, this was the one with the killer video, that sounded cooler live and was the best sound on that album.

33) "Destination Diamonds" - Diamond Nights another tale of "how could this rock band from new york not be huge with a song like this cuz it's ten times better than the Darkness." i could blast this from a trans am and feel really cool.

32) "We Both Go Down Together" - the Decemberists the first Decemberists tune on the list and you'd be silly to think it's the last. allmusic made an astute comparison to Belle and Sebastian. the songwriting is sometimes too charming for it's own good, but people love it and the british folk sounds slyly lives on despite line-up changes. pretty uncanny really.

31) "I Wanna Know Girls" - Portasatatic on par with some of Superchunk's best songs. formulatic...hell all the best pop tunes are. the title sounds machismo, but the song is really about wanting love. indierock lives.


At 3:19 AM, Blogger Satisfied '75 said...

i obviously need to re-think the decemberists. seeing heaps of praise on these year-end lists.

At 10:21 AM, Blogger Eric Grubbs said...

That Portastatic track is killer, especially the bridge.

At 11:57 AM, Blogger Jason said...

i think alot of people wanted to "be over" the decemberists and, much as my frustration is with the state of music criticism in a post-pitchfork world, it seemingly become important for people to trash a great album.

and i should have added my fav portastatic track since "san andreas" as that's also a killer tune people need to hear.


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