Wednesday, December 07, 2005

jasons fine fifty pt. 3

30) "Ooh La La" - Goldfrapp may be the most recent best ode to Electric Warrior that i can think of. it's so trashy and drips of Allison Goldfrapp's suggestive vocal intonations.

29) "Ageless Beauty" - Stars the best band in canada does not carry the initials a.f. or even b.s.s. i'll often single out songs that sound like the culmination of several great moments in music history and this is such a song. i hear a bit of Lush-like shoegaze, a hint of sarahesque twee pop and eighties synthpop all going on here and i love it.

28) "It's For You" - Out Hud on what will most likely be the most underlooked album to be released this year, the group took their "danceable indierock" reputation in more electronic direction that had the group poised for stardom giving the years LCD-led club sound explosion and this is the song that should have been playing everywhere

27) "Walking With A Ghost in Paris" - Party Ben (Tegan & Sara vs. Mylo) the only kitsch pick on the list. Mylo had one of my top albums last year and so it was hard to avoid this Mylo-infused mash-up.

26) "Ladyflash (Hot Chip Mix)" - the Go! Team technically this made my list last year, but it saw a domestic release this year and i played it well into the spring. the Hot Chip mix from the single is particularly crucial.

25) "For Real" - Okkervil River this is a catchy, powerful sounding song. it is also a very dark song. all this talk of wanting "real blood" and i honestly don't know if he's looking for a deep connection or out for murder.

24) "Sucker" - Damien Jurado personal indulgence here as this song seem really to speak to the endgame that was my history of lovers.

23) "Banquet" - Bloc Party you'd think as a huge Gang of Four fan i'd have to be fed up with this, but in all honesty i dropped like twenty bucks on this import single before the album made it overseas and that single was on repeat in my car and in my office for months.

22) "Use It" - the New Pornographers on an album full of so many great songs it hard to single out just a few. aside from being one of the first songs to leak, this one best showcased what this canadian "supergroup" had to offer in pure power pop.

21) "Be Gentle With Me" - Boy Least Likely To... as my brother pointed out, it's the song that kicked off A4D (and to think it wasn't even my favorite song on the album...


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