Thursday, December 01, 2005

little roadies

so my brother and i are both skipping this years ten year high school reunion. no surprise there as it's not exactly like they were even in competition for the best years of my life. nonetheless those were the formative years in shaping a certain love of music. a healthy dose of modern rock radio before discovering the college radio station as well as numerous nights watching or at least recording 120 Minutes did the trick. it certainly helped though that providence had a pretty great scene at the time, with plenty of local bands and just about every other group you'd want to see coming through town. thus is the justification for todays posting of Belly. i remember buying this record and listening to it alot soon after my mtv-ized fandom of stuff like bell biv devoe and kriss kross so i guess it was pretty important. Tanya Donelly had short stints with Throwing Muses and the Breeders before forming Belly in 1992. the next year the group rode the alternative radio explosion with their tune "feed the tree." in retrospective the national stage probably didn't suit the group who would disband after their sophmore album tanked. they maintained a following years afterwards with dreampop fans who welcomed Tanya's solo work that found a more appropriate home at 4AD. like many bands from the area around that time, you'll hear them referred to as a Boston band, but they were in fact Rhode Island royalty. [Jason]

Belly - "Gepetto"


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