Monday, December 19, 2005

"on herschel! on shlomo!"

todays tracks are pulled from the 1999 shirley beans compiled "i made it out of clay" hanukkah pop compilation. the first is a completely unexpected envisioning of Elvis Costello's "veronica." after that you have some Oval-Teen, one of my favorite "no ones ever heard of this group and they're quite good" bands from the pre-my space days where you'd bump into musciaians on aim and they'd mail you tapes. lastly...well i think the song title speaks for itself. enjoy and sorry for the late post. i'm been trying to pack and prep for my trip back east for the holidays. i will be in brooklyn, webster, ma and rhode island over the course of several days. i gather i will spend an entire days worth of hours en route on a plane, train or bus.

Kisswhistle "Verhanukka"
Oval-Teen "Eight Great Days"
Rosenbergs "Puff Daddy Isn't Kosher"


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