Wednesday, December 07, 2005

TBWHTO #'s 21-30

As we get closer to the top, my choices sort of become self-explanatory: they're just great: catchy, well-written & inspiring.

30. "Recurring Motifs In Historical Flirtings" Say Hi to Your Mom [Does anyone wonder like me if Eric Elbogen's bedroom is decorated like a NASA spaceship with that space-print wallpaper? You know he says he's already making a follow-up with the goal of getting it on The O.C. before it gets cancelled? This particular track is also my favorite song title of the year. Many of his titles are as awesome as the songs themselves. Why Say Hi To Your Mom is not over the moon famous by now is beyond me.]

29. "What Is Your Secret" Nada Surf [Nada Surf took Say Hi to Your Mom on tour this year. Do you like how I arbitrarily pair some of these tracks together? Well anyway, Nada Surf finally went out and made a song better than "Popular". Actually they made a couple and this is just my favorite one.]

28. "This Is The Night" Jarvis Cocker [When I read that Pulp'’s Jarvis Cocker and Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood and Phil Selway had been tapped to write and play a few songs for the new Harry Potter film (after Franz Ferdinand passed on the opportunity) I laughed. But you know what? Their three tracks are a lot of fun and a perfect fit for the movie. I can only pray for an Oscar nomination/performance.]

27. "Let Love Not Weigh Me Down" Ed Harcourt [Some may say this track is over-the-top and maudlin. But then again isn't that one of the many great formulas for a enjoyable pop song?]

26. "Full of Stars" Portastatic [My turn to pick my favorite Portastatic song. I could make a "here's where the strings come in" comment about this bouncy string-laden charmer but I've decided that Portastatic is now a band and not a side-project and only hope that we keep getting gems like this from Mac.]

25. "Catch My Disease" Ben Lee [Catchy as motherfucking hell.]

24."A Jealous Heart Is a Heavy Heart" Damien Jurado [Devastating.]

23. "Woman King" Iron & Wine [This song is much in the same vein as everything on Our Endless Numbered Days and is the perfect place-setter for the EP as it slowly... (but we're getting ahead of ourselves now, eh?).

22. "Hammer Down" Electric Magnolia Co. [I love ol' Sparky. Filter called Jason Molian a "post-apocalyptic Neil Young" which is funny because I heard he really likes Slayer's "Seasons In the Abyss".]

21. "Eleanor Put Your Boots On" Franz Ferdinand [There was no sophomoricric jinx for these guys. In 2004 I called them "the ideal hipster guilty-pleasure" and hoped they would survive all the buzz which they did finely including this wonderful Beatlesque track. By-the-way, what is a Greentpoint Three Point?]


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