Tuesday, January 17, 2006

alien idea

guitarists wyatt cusick and matthew troy formed Trackstar in san francisco during the early ninties. the duo released a number of singles, a split cassette, an attention grabbing 10" (on silver girl records) and then two albums, the 1997 release Communication Break and 2002's Lion Destroyed the Whole World. their first full length, in my opinion, remains one of the most underlooked 90s indierock albums. it offers up that familar transistioning of soft, lazy melodies and fits of guitars with down on itself lyricism. cusick would go on to co-found the Aisler's Set after this album, which may account for the poppier follow-up (which is also noticably more angular given the addition of former Lowercase drummer brian girgus). it's a good album, but still doesn't come close the earlier die young stay pretty/sub pop release that belongs alongside the slack-mentality indierock a'la sebadoh and pavement that precided over 90s college radio and turntables.

Trackstar "Alien Idea"


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