Thursday, January 05, 2006

c'est super

another trio who only recorded two albums, only this one is from Eau Claire, Wisconsin (not chicago, the home often attributed to them). for those of you unfamiliar with the cultish 80s teen flick Three O'Clock High, the bands name references the psychopathic new kid at school who calls the nerdy protagonist out for touching him. reviews for both the groups debut, September, November, and their follow-up, American Matador, cited the bands sound as a fluid evolution of early nineties indierock. in other words, it's the type of moody pop that in 1998 might have been coined emo when that word suggested groups such as Boys Life and Christie Front Drive rather its current place as a deragatory term for metrosexual teenage lameness and bad haircuts. they are probably the only band to have a record receive a review rating over 9.0 while having their guitar chops compared to Tortoise and still not fall into vogue, leaving bloggers to debate their musical worth. the group once had quite a following in the mid-west, but not releasing a record in five years is usually a sign. i'd highly recommend this song. it's not just one of many records in my collection, but in fact one of my favorite songs of 1999.

the Buddyrevelles "C'est Super"


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