Wednesday, January 04, 2006

dearest darling

one frequent music topic i like to tackle is great bands on Matador Records that never took off. one of my favorites is Liquor Giants. undoubtably the band was partly signed on the strength of Ward Dotson's noteriety as the guitarist of Gun Club, though sound-wise it's a seemless transition from his first post-GC band, Pontiac Brothers. Liquor Giants, like PB, is considerably more lighthearded than Gun Club's blues afflicted punkabilly, exploring Dotson's interest in 60s and 70s pop music as well as a desire to perform to a more upbeat audiences. Dotson was the Liquor Giants only permanent entity as he brought in a number of LA-based musicians for each album and tour. the groups fourth and fifth albums, both released on Matador, were probably their strongest. in fact 1998's Every Other Day At A Time was one of the best power pop records i heard in the latter half of the nineties. it's solid purist, catchy pop start to finish that can at times ache and other times get you bouncing. that album includes several hidden cover tracks (including an amazing rendition of the Moves "Fire Brigade") that would also show up on an all-covers album by the band later that year. Liqour Giants amassed a following in Austrailia, where the group released one last album before disappearing in the shadows. if you are a fan of Beach Boys melodies and guitar driven power pop hooks, the aforementioned album is not to be missed. here are two tracks.

Liquor Giants "Dearest Darling"
"It Only Hurts When I Smile"


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