Thursday, January 26, 2006

inside the golden days of missing you

on days where i find myself running late to work it always seems best to break out the cover songs because even if what i write is underwhelming, perhaps the familarity will help distract the listener for the time being. this will only work today though if you are a fan of the Silver Jews, which most people should be. this version of "Inside the Golden Days of Missing You" is by Lenola. the jersey-founded four-track project began self-releasing their blend of psyche-noise rock on their Tappersize label in 1996, growing into a quartet and relocating to the philly music scene where they would become a fixture for the next eight years prior to disbanding following the release of the final album, still unavailable in the us being released in both japan and europe. their second to last album, treat me to some life, on File 13 records would be a highpoint, borrowing heavily from bands like the Flaming Lips and My Bloody Valentine (sounds like an audiophile wet dream basically). the Electric Tickle ep preceded that release and that's where you'll find this tune.

Lenola "Inside the Golden Days of Missing You


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