Monday, January 23, 2006

looking at this weeks releases

it's a pretty amazing week for new record releases, enough that i thought i'd cover (or at least glance over) it today. i do pause though to wonder how ones anticipation for a record can be effected by the growing number of music blogs. most people know that the new Cat Power record is coming out this week because blogs have been leaking tracks as far back as early november. ditto for Jenny Lewis' solo release with the aid of the Watson Twins. the lead time there arguably has created more buzz for the twins than miss Rilo Kiley. for the last month we've seen a handfull of tracks for the anticipated Tortoise & Bonnie "Prince" Billy cover songs collaboration as well as Compound Eye, Robert Pollard's album. Jose Gonzales' Stay in the Shade ep sees a stateside release this week. some have declared sheffield, england's Artic Monkeys as indierocks next big thing and the moment of truth has arrived. Muzzle of Bees has tracks from their KCRW performance.

there's a handfull of albums from groups that maybe haven't received as much attention, but have sure to be good records released tuesday including East Rive Pipe, Ester Drang, Rocky Votolato (here's a link to 2 mp3s), Gossip and more. now the two that i've already had put aside for me...that would be releases by the Test Icicles and Love is All.

i've been listening to Test Icicles for the past few months and i want to call it punkish, but it's really all over the place and a fun album. Love is All were already declared by Pitchfork to be the "it" band of 2006 and thus masses have taken notice. a few savvy bloggers have known about this Swedish group for some time ago as i believe it was matthew at Fluxblog who posted the following track as far back as 2004. i've been putting it on mix tapes for over a year wondering if they'd be anything else. the album was due last year, pushed back and now releasing this week. i heard they were amazing live, but i also heard the album was a mish-mash of hits, but also misses. we'll see.

Test Icicles"Circle Square Triangle"
Love is All "Make Out, Fall Out, Make Up"

anyway, given the nature of this weeks bevy of releases, feel free to chime in with what's got you most excited.


At 3:44 PM, Blogger josh Mueller said...

Let us not also forget the new Clearlake album Amber.

At 10:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wallet is definitely lighter today!


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