Thursday, January 12, 2006

more than you know

Kevin over at So Much Silence is having a remix week on his blog. earlier this week he broke out the De La Soul remixes. this lead to the familar "De La Soul are so great" conversation in which i promised to post one of my favorite De La tracks that wasn't from one their albums (well until 04's Mix Tape album of rarities and such), namely "More Than You Know" from Prince Paul's amazing Prince Among Theives album, which in 1999 set the standard for the hip hop opera. the album tells the tale of a budding rap star who turns to his mentor, now a drug dealer, to make some money to release a demo. the mentor, jealous of the rappers skill sets him up for a fall. when the young rapper first takes the streets he encounters the characters of the trade, voiced by Chris Rock and De La Soul and this is the song that follows. Paul was in fact the person who "discovered" the band in the late eighties and who would produce 3 Feet and Rising.

Prince Paul feat. De la Soul "More Than You Know"


At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This album is one of my all time favorites. classic in every sense


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