Tuesday, January 31, 2006

porch song

Chapel Hill's music scene was burgeoning hotbed of indierock in the early nineties with the Archers of Loaf and Superchunk representing the hometeam. one of the bands arguably lost in that mix was the alt country of Trailer Bride, a band started by writer, singer, guitarist Melissa Swingle in 1993. Swingle's ghostly vocals conjures up the idea of Nico fronting a moody country group. Trailer Bride would find a home at Bloodshot Records soon after there self-titled debut release, where over the course of five albums, they were perhaps the labels "darker" purveyors of twang, offering up some country-noir if you will. content approaching the familiar topic of lost love, Swingle is just as comfortable unraveling songs about snakes and ghosts. she attests that the darkness is not intentional, but rather internalized angst coming the surface. this track is off their second album, Smelling Salts. it's admittedly not as full-on porch picking, hick-sounding as some of the tracks seemingly preferred by fans, but it's a rather pleasant song about as much.

Trailer Bride "Porch Song"


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linky no worky

At 12:28 PM, Blogger Jason said...

wow, you were up even later than me. fixing it. my brain was elsewhere i think last night when doing this. i was in the office for 11 hrs yesterday. thanks for the heads up!


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