Thursday, January 19, 2006

the size of a cow

thought i'd keep going with the decade old pop music. when you think of arrogant british bands you may think of Oasis and frontman Liam Gallagher. well let me tell you, the whole "we're the greatest band since the Beatles" thing was pretty passe by the time those guys hit the uk charts. miles hunt, the frontman of the Wonder Stuff became a darling of the british music press for his brashness years earlier. when the group released their debut album, The Eight Legged Grove Machine, uk music was pretty...well, drab. even the dancy music was quite depressing and then came the Wonder Stuff with their injection of young, pop mischief and cockiness, blending poppy brit punk, new wave grooves and stadium filling hooks. the group became huge in england, perhaps willing it by way of hunt's self-importantance laced banter in the press. after four albums, the group disbanded in 1994. ten years later Miles was on the comback trail, albeit to the dismay of his former band members. a greatest hits album was released and soon followed by a new album...and line-up. curiously Miles took the band on tour in the states last year even though they never really broke with american audiences. the college radio station i worked at actually still has a Wonder Stuff poster up on its walls and at the time i was there i was only familiar with just one of the bands songs, this one, because they would often play it back on the modern rock station (wbru) where i grew up. after a trip to montana, someone's copy of Never Loved Elvis mistakenly ended up with my cds and so i'll throw it on every once in awhile.

the Wonder Stuff "the Size of a Cow"


At 9:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw Bright Eyes last year, that day the Wonderstuff were playing the (much, much bigger) venue next door. While Conor was tweedling about tuning his acoustic, some wag bellowed from the back "We want Size Of A Cow!!!"
Bought the house down ;-)


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