Friday, January 13, 2006

a song by your campfire

faint traffic. birds chirping. rain. louder traffic. footsteps. a door. cheree jetton's gentle voice. strumming. the gentlest sounding, feedback-like tone. "down, down, down." birds. footsteps. a door opening and closing.

the Pilot Ships "A Song By Your Campfire"

the Pilot Ships formed in 1996 as side-project for members of Stars of the Lid and Monroe Mustang. they released two albums; There Should Be An Entry Here and The Limits of Painting & Poetry, the latter containing some music subsequently used for the independent film George Washington. both albums drew positive comparisons of everything from Low to Badalamenti's Twin Peaks score. it very much does have a soundtrack feel...that to the slowed paced, hushed moments of life. it's sublte, entrancing and quite lonely feeling. Brian McBride released a solo album on kranky in the fall of 05 that while closer to his Stars of the Lid work, features guest appearences by fellow Pilot Ship members.


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