Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ticket to Ride

So today I noticed that Destroyer and Electric Magnolia Co. were playing a show together here in NYC at the Avalon Nightclub. Avalon!?!?! Isn't that the ravers paradise formerly known as Limelight? Maybe, but it now seems they're booking rock shows- good ones too- like Mogwai. So of course I went to get me some tickets. Only 14 bux! Not bad....BUT it's through Ticketmaster so...$24.50 for one ticket after TWO processing charges. I know the craziness of Ticketmaster has been brought up a million times before, but seriously, boycott them if you can. I feel horrible for the bands especially because I know there are at least a few more lo/no wage freelancing souls out there like myself who just aren't gonna go to a great show like this (and support emerging acts) because of the extra 10 bucks and that really sucks. Luckily many venues including the Mercury Lounge/Bowery Ballroom/Webster Hall trio and Southpaw use Yes, they also charge a pocessing fee but it's much much lower.

That said, here is Josh's upcoming concert calendar of tickets bought with my unemployment check or kindly donated by concerned and wonderful friends:

02/02: PLUG AWARDS featuring The National

03/03 Belle & Sebastian / The New Pornographers

3/10 Rob Dickinson (of Catherine Wheel)

3/15 Isobel Campbell

3/24 The Books, Jose Gonzalez

3/26 The Minus 5, Richard Buckner

Also I'm looking forward to seeing Neko Case in April at Webster Hall as I'm smitten with her sudden transformation into an indie-rock Stevie Nicks.


At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Normally my advice is never to miss a chance to see Magnolia Electric Co, but at that price, I would pass as well.


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