Friday, January 27, 2006

up against the wall

the hip hop duo Group Home featured Lil' Dap and Melanchi the Nutcracker. the pair got their start supporting Gangstarr, a relationship that would eventually lead to Guru producing and DJ Premier dropping the beats for their debut album, 1995's Livin Proof. while this is considered one of the most underrated bangers of the nineties, there is differing opinions about the album's mcs. while the pair carry a good, though at times bizzarely constructed flow, there's many who question the wit and creativity in the rhymes, suggesting it's amatuer at best. the reason the album sticks out though for even the critics of Dap and Melanchi is because many will point to Livin Proof as one of Premier's greater moments. this track lends support to that argument. two versions of the tune exist on the album, both with starkly different tempos. the Premier genius at work here is what he does a two-second loop that runs thru the entirity of the four-plus minutes.

Group Home "Up Against the Wall (Low Budget Mix)"


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