Tuesday, January 10, 2006


those of you planing to compile a mix tape for someone special sometime soon may want to take note of todays track. this is twee pop mix tape gold at it's finest. theres very little that can be said about Majestic aside from the fact that they put together two albums of damn fine catchy pop music. both albums, released on Shelflife Records are sadly now out of print. the southern californian band began as a dronier pop band named Majestic 12 and carried on following the amicable departure of their singer (who went on to form the Arrogants). the group seemlessly blends the vintage, sixties california pop sound with swedish pop, tossing in horns, trumpets and simple, adoring easy to sing along with lyrics. this song is from their 1998 debut Live It Up! and just oozes of boyish charms while exposing an all too familiar sentiment.

Majestic "Wonderful"


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