Thursday, February 23, 2006

caroline, now

quick entry for today. i spent most of the night building furntiture (damn you dutch furniture) and boy do i regret not owning power tools.

released in fall of last year, "Where's My Love" is the first single off the forthcoming debut Caroline album entitled Murmurs that is being released by the always top-notch Temporary Residence Limited label. i just got my hands on the record and it is the first album of 06 that has stuck me as something i'll be listening to throughout the year. Caroline Lufkin has one of the most heavenly voices you'll hear this year. lyrically it approaches familiar, emotional topics with sincere rather silly or naive innocence, which suits the plethora of beautifuly arranged acoustic instruments that accompany the minimal, but hypnotic electronics. it's the siren voice of the berklee school of music grad that is the real clincher though. if you haven't downloaded this song the first blog-time around, i couldn't recommend it enough. meanwhile, for a tune you may not have heard yet, "Pink & Black" is another of my favorite tracks from Murmurs.

"Where's My Love"
"Pink & Black"


At 2:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are absolutely right~ beautiful songs! thank you~


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