Friday, February 17, 2006

don't know why (you stay)

happy to be bringing you a sneak peak of one of my most anticipated releases of this year. on march 21st the new record from the Essex Green, entitled Cannibal Sea, will be released on Merge Records. twelve new songs that mark the bands third full-length release. their first album, Everything is Green, came out on Kindercore and i got to work radio promo on that, much to my joy because at the time, i was loving all things psych-pop. it was four years later and the release of the Long Goodbye that really sunk in with me though. it saw the brooklyn-based band deviating from the elephant six-sound association and drawing influences more heavily from the era after the one they were tied to on their debut. like a number of hits from the seventies that album blended folk, a little country and and just a lazy, but more mature vibe to their pop. the songwriting really came through there and it seemed to place less emphasis on the whimsical pastiche on their earlier stuff. now you have the new record and who knows what Jeff, Sasha, and Chris have in store? if this track is any indication, it is instantly catchy and you may suspect a hint of power pop. the group will be touring through the spring including a stopover at sxsw. have a great weekend.

the Essex Green "Don't Know Why (You Stay)"


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