Wednesday, February 22, 2006

everything's alright

when engaging a fan of twee pop with a conversation about Sarah Records and the Field Mice, all will be able to point you in the direction of robert wratten's follow-up band, Trembling Blue Stars. few, however, seem to be aware that lead guitarist Harvey Williams arguably has been the most active following the bands break-up. Williams quietly is one of the bookends to the Sarah Records story. it was his solo project, Another Sunny Day, that marked the third release for the label that has fetched expanding price tags for it's records online for a steady ten years now. aside from pairing with the former Field Mice frontman for the early TBS releases, eventually joining the band full-time, he also played with Blueboy, one of the last Sarah bands. he also freed up time to serve as session musician for several acts including Saint Etienne. the first release under his given name was a mini-album released in the waning days of the label; one that several magazine refused to review on the grounds that it was under fifteen minutes long. seven years after the disbanding of the popular british band with a rapid cult following among pop enthusiaists, Shinkansen, the label that followed Sarah, released Harvey's underrated solo album entitled California in 1998, which is where today's track is culled from.

Harvey Williams "Everything's Alright"


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