Monday, February 27, 2006

it's not the rain

A4D is not even a year old and yet last night i found myself sitting in front of my record collection asking "did i already post this album?" it seems like something i would have, but maybe i'm just confusing it with some time i put it on a mix tape. the alluded to track is from a swedish trio that managed to sneak onto the radio in the mid-nineties just before their follow countrymen, the Cardigans, transitioned into their brief mainstream popularity here in the u.s. Eggstone were formed in Malmo in the mid-eighties. in 1991 they opened Tambourine Studios, taking their time (nearly seven years since their inception) before releasing their debut album, In San Diego. the buzz surrounding that albums bouncy 60's guitar pop with lounge overtures led to the domestic release here of 1994's Somersault and the catchy single "It's Not the Rain." the group released one last album before making their studio work a full time job, while playing music with less recognizable, mostly instrumental projects on the side. in fact, they produced some of the later records of the aforementioned Cardigans. meanwhile, their name pops up every now and then, mostly in review of swedish pop music, somewhat surprising given their brief blip on the american music map. i guess it's just one of those albums that stays with those who heard it.

Eggstone "It's Not the Rain"


At 1:25 PM, Blogger jonder said...

Love the song, love the album.


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