Tuesday, February 21, 2006


today i'm posting one of those records that came out and much to my surprise was overlooked by many. Park Avenue Music released the album to take with you in 2002; a synthesizer-heavy blend of down-tempo pop and jazz fuzed trip-hop, the band should have immediately appealed to the many who still think fondly back to the debut Portishead record. the sacramento-based duo, Jeannette Faith, a concert pianist, and Wes Steed, surprisingly a former garage rocker, pieced together one of the most gentle sounds to grace my ears that year. the album still hasn't been perma-filed as i'm prone to listen to it fairly often. two years later an ep followed that was noticably leaning moreso towards the bips of their glitch pop, but also went more or less unnoticed perhaps because of the girth of indie bands in the course of the two years after their debut that were now incorporating electronics into their pop and rock standards.

Park Avenue Music "Petals"


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