Friday, February 10, 2006

she means everything to me

so one of my favorite albums the last several months has been Strange Geometry by the Clientele. many of the string and guitar arrangements on that album were put together by a name familiar to me, but sadly not many others...that is Louis Philippe. he is kinda like the international indiepop scenes answer to Burt Bacharach, which is to say he excels at heartfelt, well-produced pop tunes. born in France as Philippe Auclair, Philippe abandoned a career as a philosophy teacher and moved to London, where he got involved with the legendary pop label, el records. aside from releasing his own records, Philippe has garnered a wider reputation worldwide by working with likeminded makers of vintage and sophisticated pop music including Cornelius, Momus, Pizzacato 5, the High Llamas, April March and countless others. he's only had one album released in the states, a compilation originally arranged for Japan's Trattoria label and released here in 1999 on Le Grand Magistery. it's called A Kiss In the Funhouse and showcases twenty-three tracks from Philippes career that's spanned almost as many years. it's a great introduction that pulls together a number of his best songs including this one.

Louis Philippe "She Means Everything to Me"


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