Tuesday, March 14, 2006


there was a point where i was collecting Shag prints and other tiki art, drinking fruity drinks, collecting stylish stag mags and Ursula 1000's "Hip Length" was the best soundtrack in the world. i wasn't alone either because that was one of the most frequently requested songs when i was working at the radio station in boulder. flash forward four albums later and Alex Gimeno, the dj and multi-instrumentalist behind Ursula 1000, has seen his niche expand from sample-heavy bachelor pad music to include a collage of everything from electro-funk to psych-heavy glam rock to jazz-mamba hybrids and some caribbean-influenced tunes. still, as you can gather from today's track, it's the faux-retro jet set songs suited for twirling drink umbrellas that win me over. Here Comes Tommorrow, originally slated for release late last year, is now finally due out this month on ESL, the label run out of dc by the Thievery Corp. folks. the record features a number of guests including Los Amigos Invisibles, Cristina, and Gentle People. he's in austin for sxsw on thursday and a worldwide tour follows. you can click through the link for more details.

Ursula 1000 "Kaboom"


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