Thursday, March 23, 2006

love is real

very quietly Edith Frost released another great album late last year entitled It's A Game. like american idol judges on the sidelines, critics have let each album slip by wondering when Frost would take it to the next level. however, it's the Joni Mitchell beckoning of folk pop marked by lyrics of love, hard luck and weather-beaten optimism that's been the core of each album and what she does well and i'm not sure there is cause for that to evolve drastically. in fact, her only straying album, the electrified Telescopic, is probably the one i listen to least. for today's tune i'm breaking out one of my favorite songs, the single "Love is Real," released in 1999. Frost will be in denver early next week, with thrill jockey rosterees the Zincs and locals Porlolo opening.

Edith Frost "Love is Real"

Monday Monday, March 27, 2006 @ the Hi Dive w/ the Zincs and Porlolo


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