Wednesday, March 01, 2006

a modern girl

the duo Sing-Sing features Emma Anderson and Lisa O'Neill. the former should be familiar to some, myself included, as the guitarist of Lush. so much a fan of Lush, when i was in new york in 1998, i saw the Sing-Sing single for "feels like summer" and a clerk-inked note that said it was a member of Lush, i bought it without thinking and was immediately taken with the song. the group released six singles over four years on several labels before a full-length, the Joy of Sing-Sing, surfaced on the Poptones label in 2001. their second album was not without it's own delays. rather then continue to label hop, the pair decided to self-release their own album this time around. halfway thru the that process, however, the money was tapped and the group very creatively funded the rest of the album thru an online-only ep. thus, fans of Sing-Sing can unquestionably state that they had a hand in the release of that new album, Sing-Sing and I. released in the UK last the summer, the album finally is being distributed here in the states as of two weeks ago. it's an enjoyable collection of airy pop, which may lack the punch and reverb of Emma's preceding work, but O'Neills range of vocals distances the duo from needing to be compared to any previous work to sound appealing. they've moved away from the minimal electronics of the early singles and let their penchant for melody drive their very personalized songs.

Sing Sing "A Modern Girl"


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