Tuesday, March 21, 2006

new drug queens

i think i hold the blogger record for incorrectly linking my mp3s. and i always thought it would be my spelling errors that helped me stand out. anyway, first off....i could use someone local's (denver area) help. if you're reading this and you or a generous friend have a home studio of some sort, i am looking to rather quickly record some audio bits. you see kgnu is hiring a new music director and i need to submit an audio cd of my talking along with my resume. i loved my days as music director in boulder for kvcu in it's first years, probably because it was the perfect job for me. that would make this the most exciting job opening i've encountered in some time. the question is, if i actually landed the md job there, would it be like a former red sox player defecting to the yankees?

now on to the music. we're keeping it locally themed for the next few days. there are plenty of great shows coming up this weekend and i plan on going to and writing about all of them. looking to friday, Pink Mountaintops are playing at the hi-dive. after some blog recommendations, i caught Black Mountain at the very same venue last year and they simply blew me away. PM is the side-project of BM frontman Stephen McBean. he just released his second album, entitled Axis of Evol, on Jagjauwar. where BM is weighty psych-sludge, PM is a bit more lo-fi and straight-forward indierock. while reviews of the first s/t album compared McBean to the self-afflicted genius of the Velvet Underground, this album moreso reminded me of the first time i picked up a Smog album on cassette when the tunes were raw, but very obviously the bared observations of an individual with a view of the world all their own.

Pink Mountaintops "New Drug Queens"

Friday March 24 Denver, CO @ Hi-Dive
w/ Two Gallants (this SF duo is worth showing up early for as they redefine lo-fi as epic and creative)


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well now, this is interesting! good luck friend.


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