Thursday, March 30, 2006

old good things

in the past few years there's been a lot of great bands coming out of the northwest and i remain surprised that i have yet to see one surface that involves any former members of New Bad Things. during the nineties, this portland-based band seemed as if they alone were the northwest indierock scene. the group of friends hastily put together a band to open for a Sebedoh show and would go on to release two proper albums and a collection on outtakes and rare tracks before disappearing. in college, i used their song "I Hate Everyone" for the intro of my radio show, being quite the fan of their sometimes muddled, but always upbeat pop. a co-worker put up a sign in my cubicle that says "ennui is boring" and it always makes me think of New Bad Things' album "Ennui Go." the group was frequently compared to (and maybe overshadowed by) Pavement and i think you'll hear why on this track from their C-Sides compilation.

New Bad Things "Josh Has A Crush on A Femme from Reed"


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