Friday, March 24, 2006

TOP 5: For Those About To Rock

I can't ever say that I've ever been much of a metalhead but I have certainly enjoyed the company of many going back to high school. And while I've been able to recommend all sort of music to all sorts of folks, I've always been deficient finding something to make those old rockdawgs happy. And so about a month ago I set out to right this wrong. Here are five recommendations for those about to rock:

1. The Sword "Winter's Wolves" [Their album Age of Winters is awesome. Just absolutely relentless. Buy it.]

2. Wolfmother "Where Eagles Have Been" [Australian band brings psychedelic metal to the forefront.]

3. High on Fire "To Cross The Bridge" [Steve Albini produced metalfest with a sound that is thoroughly heavy and thick]

4. Mastodon "Seabeast" [Complex thrashers are considered by many to be the present and future pinnacle of metal.]

5. Tarantula AD "Who Took Berlin" [More prog-rock than metal with definate classical influences.]


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