Tuesday, April 11, 2006

the adventures of tin tin

John Vanderslice brings his Pixel Revolt tour into denver tonight, playing with the Crystal Skulls and Bad Weather California at the Hi-Dive. i've seen JV live several times now and am looking forward to another show. i first met him when MK Ultra opened for SDRE at the fox in boulder. the guy makes an amazing and quite friendly first impression. isoon after i kept bumping into him throughout the country, seeing him play in denver, new york, and austin. in fact you can find two photos of me on john's extensive photo tour diaries on his website. i interviewed him for a live performance on Radio 1190, even getting a good conversation going about music guests on the Simpsons. this recording from that session is available on his website, with a majority of everything else he's recorded. such is expected from someone so cool he posts "non-commercial audio recording, videotaping and posting of live performances is fine by me" above his tour date listings. hopefully i can get there early and convince him to play "Nikki Oh Nikki," one of my all-time favorite songs.

John Vanderslice "Amitriptyline (live at Radio 1190)"


At 11:01 AM, Blogger Jason said...

bring some $$$ and you can pick up that Pixel Revolt live to 2-track disc I picked up last night. it was agreat set, with a lot of older tunes mixed in.


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