Thursday, April 06, 2006

cross your sky

today is one of those mystery album album from the past i loved and still know very little about. Reverberation only released one album domestically, 1997's Blue Stereo Music. it was released on Taang!, the same label that released a number of Spaceman 3 albums and the connection is that the french group is lead by someone who was a member of Spaceman 3 for like five minutes...okay, one album. therefore it should come as no surprise that the drone rock and massive feedback throughout the album very blatantly states "we <3 Spaceman 3 and the Jesus and Mary Chain" and well...two of my all-time favorite bands + not so bad immitating = enjoyable listen. since then though, the only other Reverberation release i've been able to track down is an import ep of remixes by Muslimgauze.

Reverberation "Cross Your Sky"


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