Monday, April 10, 2006

here's where the strings come in

i've been listening to this all weekend and have been antsy to unleash it. i've had it since last week and a bunch of people have already posted it, but such is the downside of my work first, warcraft second, blog third priorities. when Owen Pallett debuted He Has A Good Home last year, the angle for most people seemed to focus on the fact that the toronto-based musician arranged the strings on the Arcade Fire album. with AF laying low so far this year, perhaps with the release of He Poos Clouds next month, Final Fantasy will shine alone. being a video game fan i can admire that he named his band after the game that is so blatantly overdone and over the top in it's expressing of everything from the story to the characters and it's attempt at basic themes. it's sort of an endearing, but nonetheless self-defacing name. or is it really bad to think or try to emulate in such an extravagant, but outrageous manner? like in the game, big and splashy somehow emerge as beautiful and as some next level shit. the supposed outline for this new album was songs about the schools of magic drawn from dungeons and dragons, performed by a string quartet and vocals, and eliciting life-avowing happiness and a sense of life's own grandiosity (hey, i only claim to report what i've read when it gets that unusual). what i really like about this particular song is the very end, which reminds me of some forgotten seventies british rock that's subtracted the theatrics from glam and just given you pomp.

Final Fantasy "Arctic Circle"


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