Thursday, April 27, 2006

how come you're such a hit

i'm a fan of Thursday Covers! at Hello Gina and i thought i'd offer one of my own favorite covers today. here we have one of the most tenured uk indiepop bands covering one of the most obscure (but widely praised by those who know about them). Dolly Mixture were a pop band formed in the late seventies that existed in the punk scene (members of the trio were reportedly dating members of the Damned, who in turn produced some of their material). the group released one album, Demonstration Tapes, a double album that was re-released in 95 after its original release lingered as a highly collectible record. fan pages are scattered about the internet, but one of the best aims to collect mp3s of all their songs and can be found HERE. the Boyracer cover here was included in a limited edition tour cd that the group sold at a '99 reunion performance at cmj. just as well known for their revolving door line-up as their noiser, punkier take on indiepop, the group is fronted by Stewert Anderson, who runs the 555 label and has included members of several bands like Hood and Bright Lights.

Dolly Mixture "How Come You're Such a Hit With the Boys, Jane?"

Boyracer "How Come You're Such a Hit With the Boys, Jane?"


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