Friday, April 21, 2006

multi-family garage sale

where have you gone Alan Sutherland? Land of the Loops carries a number of A4D qualifiers. Bundle of Joy is one of my all-time favorite albums, LotL is one of several artists i'd love to hear a new album from and it was one of the most influential albums in regards to my tastes because it was one of the first i encountered that made samples, loops and beats viable in the indie world. Sutherland began in brooklyn while attending Pratt and with the project sought to capture and bring his own style to something he partly discovered was going on in Engalnd (non-dance acts making this kind of music) and also partly from the inspiration of what the band Negativland was and has been doing. when i was in new york i was passed along some unreleased material and given hope that a new record would arrive (the third following the sophmore release Puttering About a Small Land), but alas it's been rather quiet since AS got married and took a teaching job. since then, many groups have emulated the meshing of the genres to varying degrees of success (probably one of the more current comparisons would be a band like the Go! Team). this is the single that kicked things off (which was even licensed for a few commercials), released by Up Records soon after Land of the Loops emerged as one of Slabco Records cassette-only artists.

Land of the Loops "Multi-family Garage Sale (Bargain-bin mix)"


At 6:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOTL is one of my all time faves. I love both albums equally.....I hope I hope Alan releases some new material someday soon.


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