Wednesday, April 26, 2006

music for girls

the last turn of the century seems to be the critical period for a lot of the music i've been listening to lately. this is one of the finest songs from that time, off the album (technically a compilation of eps and singles) You Will Have Your Revenge, and the sole reason i broke it out was in response to all the reviews i had been reading regarding the recent Scissor Sisters shows. feasibly the bridge between the eighties club pop like the Pet Shop Boys and the lavish gay disco of the SS, Baxendale had a lead singer that played synth (and sounded like a fey Jarvis Cocker), continually skirted the line of novelty while always being fun and hailed from the uk, where the SS initially found their success. the village voice once appropriately dubbed this song "an unapologetic meta-anthem," which works as it's a boy meets girl songs that still subconsciously challenges any notion of masculinity.

Baxendale "Music for Girls"


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