Thursday, April 13, 2006

starry mountains

my brother's been kind enough to give me a day off. the Vanderslice set was great, with plenty of old songs mixed in with the Pixel Revolt ones. then last night i found myself at a screening of Jaws. occasionally you'll hear how some movies are meant to be seen on the big screen and now i've become a believer in that statement. i like Jaws and have seen it countless times, but seeing in the theatre with the sound intentionally cranked up was just great. know what i mean chief?

i'd like to add to josh's list of tidbits that the Boy Least Likely To (first band posted here on A4D) coincidentally is playing here in colorado on the week of our little websites one-year anniversary. funny how things work out like that. now for your music today and this one's huge...well huge if your favorite bands are the same as mine.

peanut butter and coke and vanilla infused vodka...some of the great combinations of our time...and now the Mountain Goats and Trembling Blue Stars? last week 4AD released the new Babylon Springs ep by the Mountain Goats and to the best of my knowledge it was meant to only be available (as a cd) on tour in austrailia. while it is available to download on itunes, there are certain bands who records i prefer to own in a sense that it can rest on a shelf in my apartment. thankfully, i am not one to fear overseas mail costs when it comes to things as important as John Darnielle. one of my all time favorite songwriters covering another of my all-time favorite's on the aforementioned ep and i am thrilled to get it up here for your consumption. the songs on the ep are too darn good to remain a limited import and so perhaps they will eventually show up elsewhere, but if you're as much a fan of the Mountain Goats, i'd try and hunt this one down just in case.

the Mountain Goats "Sometimes I Still Feel the Bruise"


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