Friday, April 07, 2006

used to be so hard

every once in awhile i can't help but drag out an admittedly mediocre record and get nostalgic. my brother had mentioned this band a few weeks back and it took me this long to dig through my thousands of cds to find it, but success at last. when i moved to colorado in the mid-nineties i could only name two bands from denver. one was the Apples and the other was Spell (not to be confused with another local-centric project that also went by the name Spell, which was a collaboration between denver iconoclast Boyd Rice and former Strawberry Switchblade singer Rose McDowell). i had heard of Spell because their song was overplayed on wbru in providence the year before i moved. when i moved to colorado, any local who would sift through my record collection made a point of pulling out Mississippi from the stacks and remarking on how bad they were. i usually attested it to their fanship of the Fluid (Spell was started by their drummer) and the stark contrast between the two bands. with an album torn between the two emerging genres of their time, namely grunge and the alterna-power pop making the modern rock radio rounds, there was nothing too new at play here. every review of the album remarked on how three years were spent recording the album and if this was the end result of that kind of time, there was room for concern. nonetheless it remained a guilty pleasure in my collection if not just for this one overplayed song from my waning high school years.

Spell "Superstar"


At 1:47 PM, Blogger jonder said...

Oh man, I love this song! Used to hear it on college radio in Atlanta.


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